Goalie Wars

Rogue Memorial Challenge

Goalie Wars - Presented by Dutch Bros.

The Rogue Memorial Challenge would like to invite the goal keeper from the participating teams to sign up for Goalie Wars. The Goalie Wars event will be held on Saturday evening May 23rd from 8 to 10pm. We are excited to have Dutch Bros. Coffee as the presenting sponsor of the 2019 Goalie War competition!

The Goalie Wars event is just that, an event for goalies to put their skills to test against the best goalies from the tournament. They will be bracketed based upon age and battle in a tournament format to determine goal keeping supremacy. The participating teams and families can come out and cheer their teammate on and enjoy Saturday evening at North Medford High School under the lights. The event is completely free to attend and free for the goal keepers to enter. We will have plenty of energy and excitement for everyone.

Each team will be allowed to sign up 1 goalie for the goalie wars competition. If you have 2 goal keepers on your roster we will allow a second goal keeper to sign up as an alternate keeper. There are no guarantees that the alternate keeper will be entered into the competition.

First Place:
Second Place:

Sign up for "Goalie Wars" will be at the mandatory team check in on Friday Night at the Rogue Regency Inn.

Also, a very special award will be given during the intermission of the event. Each and every year one selected U14 boy and girl player from our Rogue Valley Teams will receive the "Shelley Green Award". The Shelley Green award goes to the player who demonstrates "A Love for the Game of Soccer". This is not necessarily the most valuable player award, but an award for the player who truly has a dedication to the game of soccer on and off the field. It is in memory of Shelley Green and her dedication to the game of soccer.

We are excited you, your families, and your players are here at the Rogue Memorial Challenge and hope you have a tremendous experience.

Rogue Memorial Challenge - Goalie Wars
Rules of Play

Field Size:
- U10 - U12 12 x 20yds
- U13 - U19 12 x 30yds

All play starts with a flip of a coin and the winner choosing to kick/throw first or defend first.

Scoring and game lengths:
- All games will be played first to score 3 goals wins.
- Games will be played for a maximum time of 4 minutes

If the game is tied after 4 minutes, golden goal rule applies with an alternating method of opportunities until 1 goalie fails to score.

Methods of Scoring:
- Goalies have a maximum of 4 seconds from the time they get on their feet to attempt a shot.
- Goalies may kick, throw, or punt to try and score on their opponent.
- All corner kicks and throw-ins will begin with the opposing goalie starting from their goal line. After the ball is placed on the goal line the 4 second count begins.

Prizes will be given for 1st and 2nd place finishers in all age and gender groups.

The referee's word is always final!

Remember, this is a fun event to compete against other keepers in the tournament. Let's make sure we are respectful and show great sportsmanship for our opponent and officials.

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